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Miko Ulloa bio It is inevitable that modern age represents a flourishing symbiosis of science and technology, constantly streaming forward, towards the constant advancement. Therefore, it seems that these two principles of modernity will stay inseparable as the future promises magnificent times for the human kind.

With such though, Miko Ulloa has dedicated himself to practicing the aforementioned combination of principles that seem to be highly needed by the modern standard. Miko  was born and raised in New York City, on July 3rd 1978, as a proud U.S. citizen with Nicaraguan and Italian origin. Even though he lived in other places such as Tucson, AZ (1990-1992) and Union City, NJ (2001-2003), he would always find himself back in New York, where he currently lives.

Since he was a child, he has oriented his interests towards the computer sciences, which eventually led his to the current career choice as a Hardware Computer Technician. In 2001, he had been awarded a certificate for being a certified Hardware Computer Technician, and his certification was recertified in 2012. Ever since the certification, Miko  has worked in various well-known tech companies where he has gained a valuable experienced, developed new and favorable skills and mastered his previous ones.

During his career,  Ulloa has specialized himself in the area of hardware servicing where he has mostly worked on servicing and upgrading computers and hardware troubleshooting. Thanks to these areas of interest, he has developed a strong motivation to build his career in the area of hardware servicing, which is the area where he seeks constant advancement. In addition, he has based his work in the area of software troubleshooting, home networking, security camera and intercom installation, website setup and management, and administrative assistance.
All of this has brought him a valuable experience and expertise to become a renowned computer technician who connects various interests and skills into the phenomenally developed career. That’s why he’s favorite among his clients who seek his constant support as technician and advisor to some minor issues which they might be facing.

His amazing acquaintanceship with his clients is best illustrated by his presence on countless social networks. Thanks to the social networks, Miko  has developed valuable contacts and friends who are mainly related to the services which he offers. In addition, he uses social networks to share his latest events related to his professional career and development. If you wish to contact Miko  on any of his social media accounts, for either professional or non-professional reasons, you are most surely welcome.

During his spare time, Miko Ulloa loves to take long walks by the Hudson River, visit few of his friends in the area and enjoy outdoors activities and various festival with them. Of course, his dedicated to computer technology wouldn’t be complete without Xbox and PlayStation games, which he likes to play with his gamer friends. All in all, Miko Ulloa has made a perfect combination of both science and technology, which completes his professional career and personal development.

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Certified Computer Hardware Technician from New York City. I have been certified in Computer Hardware Repair since 2001. I have over 20 yrs in experience in troubleshooting desktop and laptops running Windows Operating System .

Computer Support by Mike via Home visits or virtual remote service. When time permits as I have other jobs all over the east coast .

If looking for support on your Desktop and or Laptop computers, then feel free to send me a message and or visit my website at . Will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Might take upto 24 hours for a response. Please be patient as I do my best to reply back asap.

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